Who Are You? (They Really Wanna Know)

In essence, branding establishes and defines your identity. It differentiates you from your competition. It says something about your company’s values. Good branding does the above, plus it evokes a positive emotional response.

Think Like an Outsider

I grew up on Long Island until I was 12, when my family moved to Southern California. That was the first of 10 moves in 15 years, which all left me feeling like I didn’t quite belong anywhere. I used to view this rootlessness as a negative. I now know it’s the underpinning of On Target Marketing.

Designed to Succeed

My relationship with my travel mug is based on its good design. And good design, it turns out, creates loyal consumers.

Less Than I Bargained For

In my inner circle, I’m known as the Coupon Queen. I’ve changed plans with friends, opting for a different restaurant simply because I had a coupon. My Sunday morning ritual includes scouring the supermarket circular to make my grocery list and then finding coupons that correlate with on-sale items. Then, I return triumphant from my shopping trip and proudly show my husband how much I “saved.” From this, I get a charge.