Who are you? (They really wanna know)

Branding — it’s that overused term you’d rather not think about. But without it, marketing’s a pointless exercise.

In essence, branding establishes and defines your identity. It differentiates you from your competition. It says something about your company’s values. Good branding does the above, plus it evokes a positive emotional response. Take a look at your company’s brand image. How does it stack up to the above criteria?


The TUMM Test

All successful branding begins with a unique selling proposition. Also called a value proposition, it must pass the TUMM test. Is the proposition upon which your brand is based:
  • True — Can you legitimately own the claim your brand is making?
  • Unique — Are you claiming to be something different than your competition, or are you an also-ran?
  • Memorable — Does your branding capture the imagination of your audience, so much so that they remember you?
  • Meaningful — Does your value proposition resonate with your audience, and does it represent something your audience cares about?
In a nutshell
Not just branding but all of marketing lives at the intersection of who your company is and what your target audience wants. Figure out how to profitably meet your prospects’ needs, or better yet — fill a need they don’t even know they have — and you’ll be a marketing star.