Pitfalls of the Jackson Pollock method

Jackson Pollock, the American-born artist, made splatter art by flinging paint at a canvas.  His signature style served him well in artists’ circles, bringing him much acclaim.

In my career, I’ve come across many businesses whose marketing efforts can be characterized by throwing many tools and messages against the wall and seeing what sticks. This undisciplined, scattershot approach wastes resources and confuses target audiences.

At On Target Marketing, we believe that all marketing communications efforts should flow from a plan that considers a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats viewed in a competitive context. Out of this analysis comes the development of a unique selling proposition – a statement of your company’s point of excellence.

The plan should next determine and prioritize target audiences, then should specify messages that should be communicated to each target audience, built upon the unique selling proposition. This strategic consideration of a company’s position and the messages it can “own” in the marketplace forms the rationale for selecting which marketing communications tools have the greatest value.

Anything else is just taking artistic liberty with your marketing communications resources.